Steven Moth

Aerial Coordinator

Steven Moth is the wings behind The Stunt Alliance. With over 25 years of experience in the sky, Steven has worked in various facets of aviation, from the business side of private jets and helicopters to providing aircraft for border patrols, evacuations and even dropping $14.5million in cash over water for a ransom drop to Somalian pirates. With his varied experience and boundless knowledge, it is no surprise that the film industry came calling.

Steven is a Master of Action, best known for his incredible work on Dunkirk, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Terminator: Dark Fate, No Time To Die and Criminal. .

He tailored his skills to provide aircraft, pilots, drones, engineering and aerial camera expertise from a wide cross-section of backgrounds, aesthetics and skill sets. In addition, Steven is able to supply all hardware required for any high level aerial team. His primary focus is to give directors a spectacular aerial experience whilst remaining safe, accurate and highly credible. We are incredibly proud to represent Steven Moth for all of your aerial needs.

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