Airside Medical Services Limited

Airside Medical Services Limited (A.M.S), is a private medical provider located in the South-West of England near a town called Honiton. We are situated on an airport and our office is a fully kitted aviation control tower.  We are a provider of the NHS Services and are proud to part of the process to enable high quality care to individuals.

We have many capabilities that are available to be utilised including frontline A&E ambulances, aircraft, speedboats, motorcycles, luxury surgical team minibus, quad bike, and even helicopters, all with qualified, competent and able pilots/drivers/riders. We have a large range of clinicians from very basic first aiders to an A&E Doctor, this includes our paramedics, technicians, first responders, sport therapists, and nurses.

Our experiences are vast and there is not a lot that we haven’t covered. We are currently providers for a few motorsport tracks, which requires all our attending staff to be UK Motorsport registered. We provide medical cover to festivals, charter days, carnivals, sports (including the badminton world championships and karate European championships), and even charity events. Of course, not forgetting working alongside TSA wherever they may need medical provisions across the UK.

As well as covering all the above medical events throughout the year, we also supply the NHS with a transfer service from hospital to hospital. This may include individuals who need to be picked up from the far depths of Cornwall and must be in the centre of London by 2pm, in one trip. We also supplied the NHS with large testing facilities during COVID-19 and created 100’s of jobs to help keep people in employment during difficult times.