Safety First

When we agreed to start The Stunt Alliance, we wrote a manifesto stating all the ways in which we wanted to help the action industry and all of the areas where we felt change was needed. The protection and safety of stunt performers and set environment is paramount to us. The demand for more extreme and awe inspiring action sequences is pushing boundaries, but commitment to providing a safe environment to create evolutionary action sequences has always been at the very top of our list.

We have spent a great deal of time searching for the very best solution and we believe that we have found him. Martin J Shenton is an IOSH Grad Health and Safety Consultant with over 25 years’ experience as a stunt professional.

Martin has a degree in health and safety working towards chartered status and a master’s degree in accident investigation. He also holds the very highest level qualifications and skills required to provide all on and off set health and safety needs and has a great attitude to work. We want to make the world of stunt performers the safest it can possibly be and we are convinced that Martin is the man for the job.